The Kind of Guys you may get attracted to after divorce

Dating After Divorce
Dating After Divorce
Dating After Divorce

After you have recently signed off you previous marital relationship, both on paper and even from your mind and heart, now you may be heading for a new relationship. In fact, you may not be prepared well for a second inning, but, it may come to your lap and bound you to consider being with this new man in life. You many not feel attracted towards many men, but, there would be a certain category of men how would catch your attention more easily. Some of them have been discussed below;

  • A man who divorced his wife and has been given child custody: This kind of a man would attract you more than the others, because you would feel like respecting him for accepting the responsibility of the kids. You would like to be with him thinking that he is a family man and therefore he has not done away with the kids.
  • A man who has children and is a widower: Such a man would give your own reflection because, you may develop a little sympathy towards him. Also, you find him to be more trustworthy and chances of being cheated would be bleak enough.
  • A man who is single and got divorced only recently: Since both of you sail in the same boat, so you may want tube with him because there might be many things in common between he two of you.
  • A man who never got married and was busy into his professional life: there are men who want to make it big on their career front, and therefore all these years they never thought of getting married. Now, that they have seen a lot of success in life, they might want to settle down for a woman who is mature and has seen a few seasons of life. In this case you might be chosen by such men.
  • A man who was never into a relationship and now wants to be with a grown up women: There are men who look forward to a mature love and then they prefer to choose a woman who is older than them. You don’t mind falling for such a person because it is actually a good combination of “fresh and mature” feelings.
  • A man who admired you in the school or college: There was this man who really admired you when both of you studied together. Now, for some reason you had lost contacts which has been regained now. You would surely not mind being with him because apart from lending you emotional support he would also make you feel comfortable by reminding about those beautiful days at school or even college.

The preference for falling for a man would vary at different stages of life. And this is because your preference changes with the experience and phases you see in life. After divorce, there is the above mentioned category of men who would be more attractive to you than the rest of the lot.