The right time for your princess daughter to start dating

Right time for dating

As parents most of the parents wonder the right time to allow their daughters to start dating. And many a times there is “battle” between the teen and the parents about the right time of dating. Some feel that right from the onset of “teen” an adolescent can be allowed to “date”. There are yet another group of people who strongly recommend that a “teen” should be allowed only after a certain stage, in fact he or she reaches a certain age level.

The right time to start dating

Relationship experts recommend that the right time to start dating is only after 16. But, some also feel that dating can be started before 16 too. And there are others who feel that dating should be started even later in adolescence. So, there is rarely a uniform view on this issue.

The deciding factors

There are quite a few factors which decide the age at which a teen should get into dating. They are as follows:

Physical preparedness: it is very important for you as a parent to observe if your daughter is mentally prepared to get into dating or not. It becomes all the more impotent in today’s scenario because of growing rate of domestic violence. Your daughter should be able to protect herself from any such atrocity coming from the other end.

Emotional and Mental preparedness: you must evaluate if your daughter is prepared to take the ups and downs during dating. After all this is the first emotional relationship a teen comes across and which is other than the “biological relationships” where they are more secured and protected from many of the hassles.

The knowledge: it is very impotent that you educate your daughter on the issues like “physical intimacy, the kinds and the consequences”. While dating she may get physically involved so she should be aware of the results and also the limits they must bind themselves in.

Your role as a parent

It is high time that when you allow your daughter to get into “dating” you modify role too. As a parent you must provide that cushion touch to the emotional fluctuations your princess goes through. The relationship between you and her has to get defined and should take a new turn as she enters dating. Make sure that she is that comfortable with you that she feels free to share her every joy and her every pain she comes across while dating a boy. This will not only help you to “help her” in a better way but will also keep you informed of the developments and changes she goes through in life.

Dating age is always debatable, because for some it may come before 16, for some it may even later while some strongly feel that 16 is the absolute age. However, there are not one but many deciding factors which help a parent to allow his or her daughter to start dating and enter a new phase of life.