The tale of online dating scam

Online dating Scam
Online dating Scam
Online dating Scam

Online Dating has been quite a prominent feature in our society and so are the issues associated with it gaining momentum. One such major issue associated with online dating is the “money scam” which has been found to be trapping many innocent people and making them get victim of circumstances.

How does it work?

Generally, there are scammers who express their interest in a person who is an online dater. After receiving an interest one responds back and that is where the problem begins from. After a few exchanges the person shows his other interest in you so deeply that you can’t afford to say “no” to his or her proposals. And this proposal would initially come in the form of a few “quotes on love”, a bunch of flowers which would be exactly according to your choice and small gifts which would be meant for touching your heart.

Where the trick does begin?

Once the person on the other side understands your weakness for him or her, then he starts playing tricks. You will be asked for your mailing address and other details which will be used against you. This person also informs you that he keeps traveling abroad and more often he or she has to stay outside. In reality he or she may be actually staying abroad and has managed to give you a local address.

How do you get trapped?

When the other person understands your weakness and feelings of yours then he starts making use of them against you. Suddenly, you will receive a call or a mail saying that there has been an emergency in the other person’s life and he or she is in a dying need of money. You would be given many more reasons to make sure that the cases genuine. Things would be presented in such manner that you can’t help trusting them. After you have trusted, you would like to help the person and hence transfer the amount. This amount which you have been assured that you would be getting back within a few days, will probably never return back to you and neither will you be able to trace this person.

Who is the target?

Generally, the target is the people belonging to the age group beyond 40 because the fraudsters know that most of the people in this age group are working ones and have considerable amount of money saved for them. Therefore, they can afford to shell out some when asked for. Most of these people who are targeted are divorcee or single by marital status.

Online dating has certainly given spouses, partners and companions to many who could not get one, otherwise. But, one has to use this technology with a lot of wisdom otherwise; there is a big possibility that one may lose a great deal of money. Along with money you will be losing trust on people and even the sites meant for this work too, which will again add to your agony.