Things to know about “live in” before preferring it to marriage

Live in relationship
Live in relationship

Change is the constant phenomenon of human society. Change is the only thing which does not change with time. The social structure of human beings have been transforming from older days to now. This change comes with the revived and innovative thought process of people making the biggest component of the society.

There was a time when people lived together only after getting legally married, anything beyond this was considered to be against the social law, which is surely not written anywhere.

With time the definition of relationship and their forms have also been transformed. What was believed to be “unsocial” till few years back, now the same concept is accepted and prevalent in the society?

A “live in relationship” allow two people to live as couples even without getting married socially or legally. Here they have the privilege of enjoying the emotional and physical company of the partner and to check the compatibility. The couple do not have to undergo any legal procedure for getting separated, probably this is the reason the younger generation prefers such a chemistry.

Reasons for choosing such an option

  • Lifestyle has changed and so has priorities, any relationship would demand a lot of attention which is becoming difficult for the younger generation. They have a more challenging career than it was before hence meeting these challenges keeps them away from any kind of commitment.
  • Younger generation has less of tolerance and adjusting capacity hence they want to be away from any kind of social pressure where they will be forced to live with a partner whom they do not want to be with.

After examining the reasons one must also understand a few points before opting for it

  • Commitment is a very important component of a relationship. If there is no legal and social commitment one can always dump you even without giving you any time to orient yourself.
  • In the absence of any social and legal bond the relationship becomes quite fragile hence the security can never be assured.
  • In case children are born to you they might be expecting a “social form” of your relationship as they demand security.
  • As a partner you would psychologically feel a lack of confidence in the relationship. You will always have the fear of losing your partner any next minute.

“Live in” surely is a way out from being committed but it has its own emotional drawbacks which never lets you the feeling of being “complete” and the so called “independence” may become an internal silence.