This is what makes YOU her Mr. Right

What makes you her Mr. Right
What makes you her Mr. Right
What makes you her Mr. Right

Reading a woman’s mind is accepted to be the toughest mystery by far. Sometimes it’s their silence which says it all and sometimes they want to just talk and go on. Flipping the coin, the fact that all women are different is also uncovered. Needs, aspirations and expectations differ from woman to woman and from time to time.

It is extremely important for a man to know what in him will attract the woman he’s seeing or planning to date. This will not only help men to understand a woman’s frame of mind but also make it a much easier task to woo a woman with some special gestures.

Certain things which a woman looks for in a guy are:

  • Care

Whether you’re meeting her for the first time or not, every woman likes pampering and care. A man who takes notice of her likes and dislikes , protects and safeguards her and gives her that ‘oh so special’ feel has almost nailed it.

  • Sense of humour

A man can easily win over a girl if he can make her laugh.  Funny and witty guys are always on the top of a girl’s preference list. Like every being wants to be happy, the females want some special privilege. She will always tend to fall for the man who makes her smile, giggle and laugh rather than the one who tenses her nerves.

  • A good sense of dressing

Your clothes reflect your personality and mostly on the first date, it is the first thing your lady will notice. Inappropriate clothes might prove to be a great deal breaker. Also on the other hand, if your clothes are ill-fitted and uncomfortable, she might just feel your attention deviating from her towards your clothes and this is what she won’t ever appreciate.

  • Surprises and presents

Almost every girl loves to be surprised, especially by her man.  The monetary part of it is not crucial but the innovation in it, is. Women as mentioned above, love to feel special and a little creativity and hard work in your presents will surely prove to be of great help.

  • Intelligence

This is what takes her breath away. Intelligence and wittiness make a man perfect according to women. A good intellect, intelligent reasoning’s and witty conversations are sure to attract her and win her over. This being a very important aspect, a smart, well-aware and well-resourced man is what makes a woman’s head high wanting to flaunt you to the world as an asset by her.