Tips to know that you are dating a wrong man

Dating a wrong man
Dating a wrong man

Are you dating a man and you don’t know him quite well? Does he not look involved or he is too involved with you?

If these are the signs then you need to take it up as a wake-up call and evaluate if you are dating the right man or you need to check upon him.

Some of the tips to read a date could be as following:

  • Is he too involved with you: if you find him to be too involved with you and shows over concern even if the relationship has only begun then you need to be alert. Because, every relationship takes some time to develop a strong emotional bond and you experience it before time be cautious.
  • Does he avoid talking about his family life: First of all you must find out, if he is married or single? If he is married and still carries on with the marriage, then you actually need to know the real status of his marital relationship. For him, it might be a time pass but for you it could be a serious affair.
  • Has he been telling you that he would get a divorce: if so, then either you should ask him to show you the papers as evidence or you need to check it up online? Because, it could only be a false assurance to win your heart.
  • Does he put the entire blame of relationship breakage on his partner: If he does that, then be aware next could be your turn. No person can be perfect, so if things went wrong between him and his ex, he cannot be putting the blame on the other person only. There must have been some mistakes form his side too.
  • Does he avoid taking your call when he is at home: If he does not take your call beyond a certain time or within a certain period you have every right to know and verify the exact reason?
  • Is he reluctant to socialize with you: A genuine person would always like to let the world know that he is dating with somebody, however, if your date is reluctant to make the association a public affair you need to be cautious about the same?