Turning your date into a relationship

Making dating a relationship

25th April: Do you want to turn your date into a long-lasting relationship? If the answer to this question is yes, then read this article to know how to make this possible.

Many times, people may feel frustrated that their dating is just a dating and not lasting one. However, one can use his or her first date to decide whether its worth to be taken forward or stopped here.

Making dating a relationshipRemember, consistency and loyalty are the basics for a lasting relationship.

Let us see the steps to be followed after the first encounter—

  • Be punctual—Respect time and exercise punctuality. It is pre-essential for a date to move to a successful and a lasting relationship. Make sure to reach the venue on time.
  • Be yourself-This is really important. You need to be yourself. Remember, don’t shy away from being yourself just for the sake of getting rejected. Being real can help you in finding the person you can rely upon.
  • Stay engaged—This should be the next step for making your date move towards a long-lasting relationship. The thing is to stay engaged on your date’s feelings, ideas, values and important issues. Don’t allow your mind to sway here and there. Keep it where you are currently. Or you may have to repent later on. If you don’t take interest in what your date is saying, you will not get past the stage of dating ever.
  • Open gestures—Your gestures need to be open and inviting. You should show interest to your date. Maintaining an eye contact and being an active listener are essential elements of being open with your date. In addition, you can hold your date’s hands and smile.
  • Attention on your date—It needs to be your primary motive in your first date. Keep focused on your date because it is he or she who should be your attraction. Maintain eye contact and engage in active listening to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Look for red signals—Some of the red signals including lack of kindness or no kindness, manipulative behavior, lying etc. can make you aware that your date is not suitable for moving into a lasting relationship.