Use of Online dating websites ground for divorce


17th May: Have you ever wondered that using an online dating website can be a good ground for divorce?

Yes, that’s quite true. As per a latest verdict by a French court, flirting online even without any physical contact can lead to divorce.

Online dating by married peopleOnline dating-ground for divorce in France—Be wary of flirting online as its deemed as cheating. Yes, if you are a married person or in a committed relationship, don’t commit the mistake of flirting online on social media sites.

Why? Because it can prove a big blunder for your relationship since it can lead to divorce.

In France, it is now official following a ruling by a French court that online dating can lead to divorce even without any physical contact with that person.

The details state that the case involved a 45-year woman who was considered to be cheating her husband since she was dating men online whom she never really met.

And a French family court in Aix-en-Provence’s southern city stated that the demand for getting a divorce by the husband of the 45-year-old woman was genuine and hence approved.

The judge agreed to the fact that couple’s break up was actually due to the fault of the wife as she was involved in online dating. Also, it was stated that the woman was guilty of sharing her initimate pictures with several men.

So, any married individual in France found to be involved in online dating on any adulterous dating website should be ready for a divorce.

Online dating to overcome depression—wife—Meanwhile, the wife has maintained that since she was depressed, she started using Netlog(a social networking site based in Belgium) for online dating with men.

But, the French judges clarified that depression is not deemed to be a solid defence for meeting men online. And French laws clearly state that in a married relationship, both the partners owe mutual respect, help and fidelity towards each other. But the wife had clearly failed in this regard.

Married? Don’t join Online dating sites for singles—So, if you are a married individual, then you should not commit the blunder of joining any online dating site meant for singles only.

It is becoming quite common these days to see more and more men(women too) visiting online dating sites. As per a recent survey, nealry one-fifth of people in the age group between 18-35 years are secretly using dating websites without the knowledge of their partner while being in a relationship.