V-day Ideas for the single—Blind date tips

Tips to choose a blind date

Are you cribbing over having broken off and never amply moving on while your Ex has done that perfectly well? Then, this V day, give yourself another chance at love. Go for a blind date and see for yourself that life is not all that miserable post break up. After all you have no right be sad when the one you loved madly ditched you that bad!  If you are apprehensive about the success rate of the blind date, here are three top tips that is sure to make your Blind date super successful this 14th of February.

Make a warm impression—This does not mean that you have to be downright desperate in stating how badly you are looking for an understanding companion! All we mean is that cut the right wavelength with the date. It is better you do not indulge in any extra long conversations with your date. This shall leave you expecting more than you might get. Settle for the date and make sure you exude confidence and charm. Remember, you are not here to find faults, be realistic and try and see if there can be a decent enough equation between both of you.

Tips to choose a blind date

Be frank but draw the line—Yes, being clear about your past and perceptions is a highly encouraged thing for a successful blind date. However, you must remember where to draw the line. You do not want to spoil a budding relationship (probably-you never know!) by being overtly candid about whatever you did with your past partner. And yes, stop being a jabber mouth. Stop speaking about you and yourself. Give ample space for the other person to soak in. Make sure the comfort levels are high. This is integral if you even want to have a chance of hitting it off together some time down the line.

Carry a small gift– This helps break the ice. Remember, you need not carry anything out elaborate. A small box of chocolates or flowers too shall be an ideal choice. Never carry anything that you think is too personal to be given on the date. This is not a relationship but a blind date where you intend finding a companion apt for you. If you remember this as the bottom-line, then the date is surely going to be a success.

This V day, try being unconventional and go in for a blind date. Rummage the internet to find a reliable blind date site. Get set go!