DJ Calvin Harris and Country Singer Taylor Swift Seems to be in a Serious Relationship


Calvin-Harris-Taylor-Swift-mainCountry Singer and 25 year old Taylor Swift was spotted alongside 31 year old DJ Calvin Harris as they came out of a food joint wearing colour-coordinated clothing. Their closeness fuelled rumours that they are more than just friends.

Close and Cosy

In February they were seen all close and cosy at the after-party of Brit Awards in London. It is being reported that soon after Calvin had charted a jet to fly Taylor to attend his gig in LA. They were also seen recently in Nashville, at a Kenny Chesney show, holding hands together.

It was just five months back that Calvin had reportedly confessed on a radio show that if he found the pic of Taylor on Tinder he would look the other way as she was not the type of girl that he is interested in. This bears testimony to Taylor’s ability to turn her foes into friends as she had proved with the likes of Kayne West and Lorde.

Humble Star

According to a source close to Calvin, Taylor is the most “real” star that he has ever dated. He is surprised at how Taylor was so unassuming and totally unaffected by her stardom. He finds her a down-to-earth and normal human being who is very genuine. He believes that with the kind of success she has had she could easily be another spoilt diva.

The source also reveals that Calvin finds her to be the perfect match for him as she is that good-hearted and wholesome woman who will take care of her man. After a series of near-serious swings with other women, Calvin is looking to settle down in marriage. This is also good for Taylor as she too is said to be longing for the same.

There could only be one person who is not so happy with this news and that could be Calvin’s ex-girlfriend and the “Black Widow” singer Rita Ora. Her relationship with Calvin had ended in May 2014.