Another perspective of looking at marital relationship

A Happy couple
A Happy couple
A Happy couple

They say that the marriage of “X” and “Y” could not last longer because there were large amount of differences between the husband and the wife. But, there could always a different approach to look at these differences existing between couples.

How could the differences be taken positively?

Many of the relationship experts believe that a husband and a wife are two different individuals and hence there is high possibility that they would be different from each other.

However, instead of taking them negatively, a couple can always make the most of these wide apart characteristics of one another.

If a person is short tempered and he has a spouse who is quite an expert at controlling her nerves then it is certainly a great thing working in favour of the relationship. When one of them has lost it the other can take full control of the situation and ensure that things move smoothly.

If one of the couples is spontaneous and the other takes his own time to arrive at a decision, you can be assured that the couple, jointly would rarely make a wrong decision.

There could be many more examples of the couples being quite remote from each other, and yet share a healthy relationship. In fact, it is mainly due to the opposite nature of the two of them that they co-exist in harmony.

What kind of differences may exist between couples?

The differences could in their physical make up, like one could be fair, the other could be on the dusky side; one of them could be tall and the other may not be blessed with such a height.

The differences could be in emotional make up too. One may have a good control on his or her emotions the other may be quite reactive.

There could be differences even in their earnings; kind of work they are engaged into and many such areas could be there.

What could be the other reason for harmony in a couple?

The existence of a “strong physical relationship” is another important factor which keeps a marriage going. Couples who are quite regular with “physical intimacy” are supposed to be closer than those who have it quite rarely.

They say that when you share yourself with your partner you’re actually sharing not only your body but also your soul. And there is no denial about the fact that being intimate physically can actually make you an intimate spouse provided the act is not a superficial one.

This is true also because this is the time when you are just one and have no third person between the two of you.

A relationship may suffer even if the two people involved in it are of same nature or even if different from each other. The key to the success is mainly the understanding between the two of them. However, those marriages are worth mentioning wherein the two partners make the most of the “non-alike” nature and ensure that their bond moves on the right track.