Blessed with a baby? Learn to adjust with the transition

Couple Struggling with a new baby
Couple Struggling with a new baby
Couple Struggling with a new baby

Have you become a parent recently? Are you facing a tough time?

You must be, because there is no couple, no individual who doesn’t not undergo a tough time in life after being blessed with a baby.

The difficulties you may face

  • Both you and your husband are not able to sleep full length.
  • You may not be able to eat peacefully, because the moment you sit to have your food, your baby must be asking for diaper change.
  • Both of your not bale to spend tie together.
  • There is no love life for both of you; all you land up doing is playing the role of parents.
  • There is no time groom yourself and look pretty, all you are worried about is the baby and his wellbeing.
  • Your relationship may find it difficult to survive post maternity.

Ways you can cope

  • The first and foremost thing is that, you have to understand that this is a “transition”. And it would not last for a long time. Hence you need to have patience with the changes.
  • Make your spouse feel comfortable even though by gently touching him or her.
  • You can do up the baby chores together so that you get to spend time. Meanwhile you can ensure that you don’t miss any chance of touching each other even when you both are changing the nappy of the baby.
  • Instead of both of you waking up together or sleeping together you can take turn so that at least you get to sleep well.
  • You can take some time out to look after yourself.
  • You can appreciating each other and admire that without your partner’s support you would not have been able to meet up the challenges.
  • Express your love and how much you miss the intimacy you have been sharing with your spouse.
  • If possible try and hire a caregiver who would at least help you to look after the baby even if it is for a few hours.

In the absence of coping mechanism

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there are more than 60% of the relationships which break or get distorted after the birth of the baby. Therefore, a smart handling is needed the most. One should not forget that the relationship is as implant as bringing up the baby. Our can neither does away with your baby nor with your spouse and that is the balance of life.

Being blessed with a baby is certainly a big joy in life, but, one needs to get prepared to tackle the phase with a little care. In order to give a healthy rearing to your baby you can’t afford to leave your marriage with dissatisfaction and pain. Hence, it is very important that both, the husband and wife communicate the thoughts and feelings rather than suppressing them. Don’t forget that only if both of you are happy can you give a happy infanthood to your baby.