Can a woman improve relationship by cheating upon her husband?

Cheating upon husband
Cheating upon husband
Cheating upon husbandimrpove, relationship, cheating, husband

Many of you must have come across at least one case of a woman cheating upon her husband. But, you may be wondering about the reasons. There could be galore of them. Some may sound real and some not so real and genuine yet they exist.

  • Boredom: Being in a relationship may bring in a little boredom because you get to use to this person and may not find anything left to explore.
  •  Lack of interest: A lady may stop finding her husband to be interesting and fun filled any more. There are couples who lose interest in each other even physically, and then come the need of looking for a new source.
  • Lack of appreciation: it has been quite some time now that the man appreciated his wife, rather with time he may have started finding faults with everything she does. In such a situation a lady is bound to lose her self-confidence. She suddenly meets a man who is all praises and complements for everything she does. This lady will automatically get attracted towards him.
  • Lack of happiness: the happiness in the relationship goes out of the window after sometime and then she looks for a resource which would make her happy. It could be a man because her own one has no time to even introspect about the pain she is undergoing.
  • In the want of better: there are women who look forward to a new and a good life and hence they want to explore a new possibility or person coming there. They sometimes get a little impractical and start living in the world of fantasy. They consider this new man to be their savior or the prince who comes with a lot of happiness to change the life of the lady.

Does cheating help?

For many it does not, because a woman falls for a new man in the want of love and happiness, but, she suffers so much from guilt that she is not able to enjoy even a bit of it. It is actually considered to be a little immature to change person for deriving something. Experts suggest that the best is to work upon the existing relationship so that you keep your family intact, and you don’t have to suffer from guilt.

There are many cases when a woman is not happy with her present relationship she is not able to move on in life. And when her husband comes to know about it she loses the present relationship too. So, it is a loss at all ends.

Cheating upon a partner is never a solution if things are not pretty worse. One needs to understand that it is the same person who was appreciative and loving and even romantic when the association began. Now, with time, if there are changes then both the individuals are responsible. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both of them to bring hang on track without distorting the sanctity of the relationship.