Can an under managed work life balance distort your personal relations?

Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance

The next door couple got married only a few hours back and now they have joined back the office. They don’t come back on time, there are days when one of them comes early but the other doesn’t get a scope. There are days when they don’t leave together and there are days when they are not seen together even once.

Time has been passing by; the couple who looked for each other now, don’t wait for each other. They have probably learnt to live alone; they have learnt to have dinner separately. They have forgotten to share a light moment with each other and speak to each other only to share that they have won a prize at the quarterly review.

The changing equations

This could be a story of every couple in the modern times. And when everyone is trying to make ends meet, when everyone is trying to manage every front quite equally. In the process it is the professional life which takes a lead making the personal life loose. The equations change, and in the past when family was supposed to be above everything, the thought process is replaced and finds an obsolete status I the society.

Giving preference to professional life than personal life

There is no system to rate or rank the performance of personal relationships including those which can make or break a person. Rating is meant for professional lives which help one to gain tangible benefits, get promotions and step up the ladders. So, the attention gets diverted towards something that is reflected in terms of “score and marks” and of course feedback.

The loser

Amid all this the loser is the personal relationship and the personal equations for which no law has been formulated as yet. There are thumb rules that don’t seem to be strong enough to catch the major attention of an individual towards tiring or dying relationships.


As a result of a disbalanced work life equation, the personal relations take a toll. A waiting spouse is neglected, a waiting boss is attended. However, when one falls sick there may or may not be phone call from boss but the spouse will wake through the whole of night to ensure that his or her partner feels comfortable.

Need of change

People too engrossed into leaving mark of their professional achievements must sit back and visualize a scene when they have all the accolades at professional front and none on personal front. It is impotent to perform brilliantly in the work place, but that should not hold someone from excelling at personal front too.

In the present context when professions have become too demanding, there is even a greater need of a peaceful relationship at home. Those who do not learn the art of balancing the two create a miserable situation all around forcing them to think again and again if the real achievement only at the office doors or even at the doors of home too.