Can there be myths associated with divorce?

Myths about divorce
Myths about divorce
Myths about divorce

Yes, there can be. There are a large number of myths associated with divorce which makes things even worse. These myths being away from reality add to the problem rather than providing any solution to the worsening situation.

We will learn some of the common myths:

  • If things don’t move fine get divorced: It is not as easy as it looks like. Even though when things are not moving fine between the husband and the wife, there could be something bright in the relationship. May be you have not tried to see or you never made any effort to improve things.
  • Children would do well even with one parent: It is a thought far away from reality. You can never imagine your children to grow healthily with one parent not being around. They need both the parents to nurture them unless; the other parent is absolutely cynical and inhuman.
  • Getting a second partner would be better: You can always get a second partner in life, after you have divorced the first one. But, how good that relationship would be is a million dollar question.
  • Life would be peaceful: You may get rid of the daily hassles which you have been having with your spouse, but, there will be a stress always nagging you from inside. You may always keep thinking about either your ex-partner or something or the other that would not allow you to be at peace.
  • Living standards would get better: They may not, because there are a large number of woman who depend on their husbands for the living standard they maintain. In the absence of this support they may see a dip.
  • There will be no regrets at all: You can never vouch for this. At some point of time or the other you may see yourself missing and regretting from divorcing your spouse. This could come immediately after you have gone into a divorce or may even come later when you try to strike a relationship with a new person.
  • You will be a free bird: You may not be because, all this while the responsibilities were being shared. Now, you have to manage the whole show alone. And if you have got the custody of children you may fall into a deep tunnel of responsibility which may not allow you to take relief anytime.
  • Only if you would know him/her better: You may think that only if you would have spent more time with each other before marrying him or her,  you would not had to having seen such a day.

Living in any kind of myth would only be detrimental for your personal life. Marriage and divorce is not a myth but core realities of life. So, one has to come out of any delusional myth and understand the reality so that he or she can make the right decision. Being caught in any kind of “false ides” would do no good to a relationship and would adversely affect the associated people.