Divorce Arrangement Affects Kids


29th April: Kids living with both the parents are better than living with either of a parent.

This has been revealed by a recent study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.

It asserts the fact that children spending time by living with both of their parents are better.

Divorce Affecting KidsChildren healthiest when living with both parents—After divorce, children who live with both of their parents are mentally healthiest. This has been affirmed by a latest study published on 27th April this year.

So, children splitting their time between both of their divorced parents are found to be healthiest mentally. Although, it seems to be surprising, but it is quit true, the study findings affirm.

Author of the study Malin Bergstrom(at the Centre for Health Equity Studies, Stockholm, Sweden) reveals that children having two homes and moving frequently show less symptoms of stress than their counterparts living in one stable home after the separation of their parents.

Prior to this latest study, it was believed strongly that predictability as well as stability are vital for the healthy development of children. But, the recent findings seem to negate the notion.

Fewer problems for kids with both of their divorced parents—Kids living with both of their divorced parents face fewer problems that those living with one parent(either mother or father). Researchers looked at the psychosomatic problems faced by kids like loss of appetite, headaches, tension, dizziness, sadness, difficulty concentrating and sleep problems. It has been revealed that kids living in nuclear families face fewest of all such problems.

Stability in child’s parents’ relations vital than stability in housing—Stability in housing is not important in case of children of divorced parents. Rather, stability in the relations of child with parents is more important.

Children living with two parents have expansive resources like social circles and family members. And having access to fifty percent(half) of that could make children more stressed or vulnerable than having both parents even if they don’t live together, the author confirms.

To wind up, we may say that it is now well understood that children or kids fare quite better when they spend their time living with both of their parents. That’s because having contact with both of their parents is more important everyday than living in two different homes(in terms of stress). Hence, those who get their time with both parents are quite lucky.