Do highly educated women make “bad wives?”

Educated Woman
Educated Woman

In a study conducted across more than 50 countries, the revealing fact is the growing percentage f man-woman relationships where woman is more educated than the man.

And, this is the trend in both developed as well as developing countries. The concept of “hyper may” which has been prevailing human society since ages remains the same with only difference in changed sides of man and woman. Earlier here that man was the bread-earner and more educated, now the woman makes an equal or even great contribution holding higher university degree than her counterpart.

Now, the question is if the role of woman remains the same and if she makes a “bad wife?” the answer lies in the following explanation:

Is she the same docile personality?

Yes, with education and money power in her hand, the last thing society and to be more precise her husband should expect from her is “docility”. She will be vibrant by and large and might sometimes dominate the husband.

Will she be dependent?

She will surely be, but emotionally. She has her own financial support which is doesn’t use for herself only. She is sharing responsibilities with her husband and making independent decisions for the betterment of herself and the family too.

Can she be expected to be trustworthy?

Yes, because earning money and having an independent thought is never a restriction in being trustworthy with the partner. Rather, she will be appositive contributor to all the chores of the man.

Will she play the role of a good wife and mother?

Yes, of course when will, but the husband also has to ensure that adequate support is given from his side so that she can play all the roles successfully. You can’t expect her to be in the office for the whole day and manage the house chores absolutely on her own. A huge support is required from the husband too.

Will she play role in decision making?

She should because today’s woman has a better exposure than what she had before. She knows the world more than she ever did. You as a husband can make the most of it by making her involved in all your decisions and inviting her opinions.

The trend of a more educated wife and a less educated husband has to be accepted by the society sooner than later because it is going to be quite a common thing. However, such a woman also can be a good wife who really cares for her husband and children, provided there is enough support from the family and society.