Does the society fail to recognize the efforts of single parent?

Single Parent
Single Parent
Single Parent

There is this single parent who wakes up earlier than many others, he has to complete all his chores before his son wakes up and wants to be with him.

There is this mom, who never misses her daughter’s school function or any such event which could mean a lot to her little angel, proving once again that she cares for her child probably more than many others would have.

Yet, both the man and the woman are under scanner of the society. This is so because they are single parents.

Is it more challenging for a single parent to bring up a child?

Yes, it certainly is, because she or he has to meet the roles and responsibilities of both the parents. A father has to double up the role of mother and vice versa. In the process, he or she has to get equipped to be multitasking.

Not only this, as because he or she is responsible for the wellbeing and upbringing of the child, there has to be no compromise on earning money too. Generally, either the father or the mother sits back at home to baby sit the child, but, in this case, no matter how hard the circumstances are in the office, one has to stick to it.

What are the most difficult situations?

Imagine yourself to be a single parent, when you have an important meeting at office, and your child is too sick. You will; actually not understand which way to go. You can neither call up your boss to quite the meeting neither leaves your child with anyone else, he being so sick. And this kind of circumstance s when a signal parent has to go on making a choice between two odds becomes a part of their lives.

Does the society appreciate their efforts?

It is rarely found that a society recognizes the struggle and the efforts made by a single parent. If you look at the data of UK, you will see that almost 25% of the parents are bringing up their children as single parent. And only one in four of them receive a due recognition from people around. Rest three is criticized for some shortcoming or the other.

It could be so, because there is a psychology of pinning down the confidence of someone who is trying to row against the waves. There could be a thought that how a single parent can do a wonderful job alone, which might not be possible for both the parents together.

Single parenting is a task and a huge responsibility which everyone cannot meet. It calls for a lot planning because one has to manage successfully very many ends. It is the profession, the f\home, and the child making the score card of responsibility and none of this should get a poor rating. Indeed it does not, but a little appreciation and recognition from people around would probably boost his confidence of such a parent who is trying to prove her or him by handling the affairs alone.