Giving Space to your spouse? A Key to happy marriage


In marriages, it very becomes very important for the partner to give space to the spouses. One fails to understand that a marriage is nothing but two happy individuals coming together, to be able to live life with each other for a long period of time. Jealousies and insecurities fail to matter if they are not important. Thus, giving space or being free in marriage helps.

Giving Space to your spouse

What are the side-effects of insecurity?

In a marriage insecurity and jealousy could work as poisons. They can be ideal unnecessary virus which when gets mixed never fails to affect. Such a virus needs an anti gen which can throw it out. This is the unconditional love which a spouse can have for the other.

When you are in deep love with the person, you will know that a male-friend or a female colleague of your spouse is her or his very good friend. In fact they would be meeting up or frequently on calls because they would be only discussing about you.

One must always remember that’ Too much closeness spoils the broth’. In fact, distances increase love. Try and train yourself to be at a little distance from your partner, try and train yourself to be not involved when they are working. Such understanding will bring you closer.

How will I know I am not getting cheated?


You are obviously not getting cheated if you continuously keep your mind on it. There are two sides to this. Ask yourself how much do you trust your partner? Do you frequently stop him from moving out? Are you the hard task master who wants everything so neatly done that you boss over his smallest thing to the extent of death? Can you not bare even another woman talking to him?

If these things are true then you have a problem? How is your spouse going to trust you if he or she knows that you will always be at their back? Thus, give some space to them.

At the same time, having said that, watch. Give close attention if your partner shows deep interest in your wants. Keep a check if there is no frequent repetition of his or her lying to you. And most importantly discuss and not attack them. Discuss before you have any doubt.

As, discussions is a solution for all problems, marriages, which is a lasting bond can stay stronger. Even a beautiful rose needs clear sky and oxygen to live. Thus, give your partners that oxygen which they deserve.