A Happy Spouse Makes the Other Spouse Healthier

Happy Spouse Make Their Spouses Healthier

Yes, latest study findings show that a happy spouse makes his/her spouse healthier. Usually, people who are happier are healthier.

Happy Spouse Make Their Spouses Healthier

A happy spouse makes his/her spouse healthier 

A happy spouse makes his/her spouse healthier, the latest study findings show. Yes, happy partners provide stronger social support, including caretaking. This is especially possible as compared to having unhappy partners.

“Researchers have stated that people having happy spouses are more likely to report better health over  a period of time”. Hence, among middle-aged and older adults, having a happy partner could be related to better health.

A new study that involved 1,981 middle aged heterosexual couples from the US was conducted by Willaim Chopik. The study led to an indication that if one of the partners is happy in the marriage, he/she tends to spread the happiness.  Eventually, it leads to an overall betterment and has an effect on the health of both life partners.

The study found that those with a happy spouse were more likely to have better health over time. This happened over and above the own happiness of the person, the study shows.

How a happy person improves the health of the other spouse?

The study strengthens the assumptions about the relation between health and happiness. ‘There is a unique social link between health and happiness’, stated assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University, William Chopik.

Simply having a happy spouse enhances health as much as striving to be happy oneself, adds the principal investigator of the study, Chopik. Several other studies have shown that happy people are healthy people, in general.

However, Chopik wanted to take a step further by finding the health effects of interpersonal relationships. He adds that at least three potential reasons are there why having a happy spouse may enhance the health of a person, irrespective of one’s own happiness.

Participants having happy partners were more likely to report better health, experience less physical impairment, and exercise more frequently than those with unhappy partners. The study further maintains that participants even account for the impact of their own happiness and other life circumstances.

Why a happy person improves the health of the other spouse?

  • A happy spouse is a better caretaker. He or she is quite likely to have the emotional energy to look after a significant other.
  • People having a positive outlook are quite more likely to be playing the long game. They exercise, eat better, sleep regularly, make plans and avoid doing any self-destructive things since they feel good about the future.
  • Happy spouses make life simpler for their spouses because their spouses are not stressed by the fact that their closest companion is always in a bad mood.