Healthy Relationships Keep Mothers Going


31st October: Have you ever wondered what keeps mothers going?

Well, it’s healthy relationships. Yes, that’s true.

This has been revealed by the researchers from the Arizona State University in a latest study.

Healthy Relationships--Indispensable for MomsWhat keeps mothers going?—Healthy relationships—Healthy relationships are the key ingredients that keep mothers going and strong. It’s a fact that mothers spend years and years together rearing their kids and supporting them.

And the secret behind their support for their children is nothing else but the unconditional acceptance by their friends coupled with authenticity in relationships, the researchers found.

Child rearing and development becomes easier for moms due to the love and unconditional acceptance they get from their friends. These factors are crucial in keeping mothers happy and grounded in the child development task, the researchers claimed.

Friends make moms happier than husbands—study–So, it would not be wrong to say that friends do make mothers happier than husbands, the study findings highlighted. Caring for the kids and managing their household becomes easier for moms when they get support from their friends.

In fact, friends seem to be on top of the list when it comes to supporting the mothers the best, Arizona State University researchers stated.

Four key factors that keep moms happy–Unconditional acceptance(by friends), authenticity in relationships, feeling comforted in stressful times and friendship satisfaction are the four factors that play a vital role in keeping moms happy, healthy and feel supported while playing the tough role of being a mom.

Quality of marriage significant, not being married—It was the quality of marriage that was found to be more important for the psychological well-being of moms and not just being married, the researchers stated.

Friendships was found to be having a significantly powerful impact on the well-being of moms and their stress levels as compared to satisfaction with their spouses, the study findings maintain.

Having close friends indispensable for moms—study—So, the study revealed that it was indispensable to for moms to have close friends on whom they can lean on. It was affirmed by the Foundation Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, Suniya Luthar.

Female friendships is what women really need it, be it with sisters, a cousin or a mom. The essence is having tender and loving care from other women for moms.

Friendships improve your marriage-study—The study findings added yet another advantage to having genuine female friendships for moms. These show that having close friendships assist in sustaining the married relationship by cutting down the burden on the marriage to fulfill one’s all emotional needs.