Helping a Loved One Overcome Alcohol Addiction


Helping a Loved One Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Watching a loved one go through alcoholism is heartbreaking. Many people want to be able to help their loved one, but they’re afraid of what the confrontation will cause. Alcohol has a negative impact on the body and can cause problems in relationships. Knowing how to help the person you care about battle alcohol addiction is important and can actually help save their life. Convincing them to go to an alcohol rehab facility can be a positive experience for them and help them regain control.

Helping Loved one stop Drinking

Knowing the Signs

It’s important to know the signs of a drinking problem before confronting your loved one. If they drink occasionally and don’t neglect their responsibilities, it’s likely they do not have a problem with alcohol. Some signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Having to drink more alcohol to feel satisfied
  • Failing to cut back on drinking
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Neglecting personal responsibilities
  • Experiencing memory loss and/or blackouts
  • Making excuses for their drinking
  • Trying to hide their drinking
  • Relying on alcohol to relieve stress

A problem with alcohol should not be overlooked because it can cause numerous health problems, relationship problems, and other problems in your loved one’s life.

Talk to Them

It’s important to confront your loved one about their problem, but it’s crucial to understand the best way to do this first. Never bring up the topic of substance abuse with your loved one while they are under the influence. This can lead to them becoming angry and make impulsive decisions. Make sure you find time to talk to them when you won’t be interrupted. Before bringing their problem up with them, be sure to tell them how much you love and care about them. Take some time to discuss how their alcohol problem is affecting their life in a negative way.

Be Supportive

It’s important for you to understand that your confrontation with them might not go as you planned. Plan for the worst because your loved one might not believe they have a problem and can become defensive or angry. Be supportive of them and understand that it may not be possible for you to convince them to stop drinking. Don’t shame them or make them feel guilty about their problem. Avoid arguing with them because it can just cause the situation to worsen.

Be Committed to Helping Them

Don’t give up on convincing your loved one that they need to change; proper support goes way beyond that. If your friend believes they need professional help, take the time to go over their options with them. Understand that alcohol addiction is a serious battle and your friend is struggling. This is the time when your loved one needs you the most, so don’t abandon them and leave them to figure out how to treat their addiction by themselves. Make yourself available to them, offer to take them to treatment, and most importantly, don’t stop showing them you love and care about them.

Even though it’s painful to watch someone you love struggle with alcohol, there is hope for them. Sometimes it takes confronting them about their behaviors to help them see the situation from another perspective. Sometimes alcoholics don’t even realize they have a problem. Always be there for your loved one and do your best to get them the help they need when they’re ready. Educate yourself on alcoholism so you can be prepared to offer your support whenever needed. Remain positive and understand that your loved one is going through some hard times and needs you more than ever.