How to deal with attention seeking wife


Not all wives are perfect partners for life. Women are meant to be dealt with and no amount of love or emotion can actually save you from being crucified on the altar of their expectations. Thus, be you a normal middle class earning machine or a giant tycoon who mints money- Your credibility is at the mercy of the mood of your attention seeking wife.

Attention Seeking Wife

However, if you still want to continue doing so, then there can be ways of effectively dealing with the attention seeking wife. Here are some ways to deal with the crisis:

a) Praise her: Praising your wife for no reason satisfies the female ego. Though there may be a question asked as to what is the reason behind it, just know you are doing it for your own good.

b) Initiate Intimate Relations: After a point of time, it is natural to not feel like having intimate relations at all. But then you surely must plan at having se x with your attention seeking wife to calm her down.

c) Confront her: – Take the baton and approach your attention seeking wife. Girls detest confronting their fears, if not asked. Girls would be more likely to talk about their fears if boys ask for the same. Thus, confronting girls can be a good solution to romantically involve them.

d) Support her: To allure your wives, all you need is mental support. Emotionally or mentally supporting her could make them get their due attention to themselves which can make your guilt free. Thus, give them the support and make them happy and thus feed into their ego

e) Make good food: They way to a girl’s heart could also be by cooking a meal for her. Cooking delicious foods with excellent taste and quality will be able to kindle the se x in your relationship. This can serve their purpose and thus yours as it calms you down.

f) Surprise her with what she likes: Girls love to get surprised. Thus, gifting your attention seeking wife with anything which she may like gives her the required attention that she craves for. It can heat up the relationship and thus make her believe that her husband is still paying her that ‘untoward attention’.

g) Arrange a date with her: It is fun for guys too to arrange special dates with your girls. Even girls love to feel special in their relationship. Thus, arranging romantic, exclusive would be a good option for making sure your wives are satisfied.

Do any of this and your problem is instantly solved.