How to Deal with the Different Stages of Marriage?


stages of marriageEvery person at the time of marriage hopes that their love as well as the marriage will last forever. But if you ask them after a few years whether they wish to marry the same person once more, about sixty percent of them will say no.

Different stages of a marriage:

People who get married and have kids pass through many stages. By learning how to identify the stages, one can make their relationships better.

Essence of a happy marriage:

The main ingredients of a happy marriage are passion, attachment and commitment. Though you might have to face many storms but they  will lessen if you face them together. If you can stick to your relation, your marriage will last forever.

What is required is a strong determination to get the marriage  right. Attachment is very easy to come in a marriage, but you require developing deep faith and friendship for surviving your marriage.

When do the problems arise?

Before the marriage, there was an agreement that after the marriage both of you will share the household chores. But after two or three years you start feeling that you have become a housekeeper and labor with nobody to take care for you.

When people discover the bad habits of their spouse which they never expected their partners to have, they start to lose interest in their partners. When one finds the dirty socks on the bed side table or overflowing garbage bins  it might cause shock, as such the relation gets strained. Some of them feel that they have shown enough commitment by staying together.

Problems after child birth:

Once a baby is born, the life of a woman gets changed. Some women lose interest in the married life as they feel the purpose of marriage itself is over. Some train their husbands to become perfect fathers.

Many women lose interest in all other issues for which intimacy might decrease leading to distance between their partners.

One should not lose herself in the role of mother. She has to take care of the married relation as well along with their children. Child rearing might endanger your marriage but one  should also spend time for her husband.

Midlife crisis:

For mid-life persons having spent many years in the relationship, affairs become common and result in breakup of marriage. Many people start wondering during this phase what they have gained out of the marriage.

They are earning money for the family and the children have started growing independent, so they feel more about going for divorce.

Women get highly curious regarding the lives of their single friends thinking that they are happier. But taking care of the relation at this stage can make them as well as their partners happy and satisfied.