Intimate Relations in a Married Life


Often we come across questions from women that they didn’t have made intimate relations with their husbands. Reasons are varied and could be anything but finally, it affects the relationship in married life. Also, other people in the family like in-laws and friends often ask about the pregnancy. In such situations, women don’t know exactly what to do and how to respond such questions, and if you are not making intimate relations for years then it’s quite serious situation.

Is Sex vital for Happy Marriage

It leads to a frustrating life for women and sometimes it could stress her a lot. Without intimate relations, marriage could be highly detrimental. But with some solutions this particular relationship problem may be resolved and top of that is the communication and consultation.

If you are going through such a case, then first of all you should communicate with your hubby as communication is the best remedy for this situation. Spending a lot of time without having relation may lead to depression therefore it’s a must as it brings both husband and wife closer, mentally as well as bodily. It brings love and compassion between the couple; that is the base of a happy married life.

Ask yourself, if you have ever tried to discuss it with your spouse? May be, you both can resolve something together. Talk about different things, from your likes, orientations and the life before marriage. How was your love life before marriage? Were you both had a tendency to make intimate relations? Were you both active? Is there any kind of therapeutic assistance needed? Such talks will bring warmth in your relation and this light talk will ignite a new spark.

Another thing if the above method won’t work is consultation. You both can seek help from a consultant. Just stay calm, reveal all of your fears and problems you are going through and then ask for a proper solution. If consultant suggests, then you can go with medication as well.

Well, you must make sure that frustration is not the solution. We get this beautiful life once and we must live it to the fullest. Don’t just waste it due to some confusions and miscommunication. Always take your husband in confidence before taking any step, weather it is medical help or consultation. If it’s about family planning then there are many other solutions available and if it some kind fear or psychological problem then you must visit a consultant.