Is open marriage a viable alternative?


The very idea of getting married to your loved one is truly a dream come true, but sometimes, the act of fate changes your destiny, resulting in unhappy marriages. The likes and dislikes of each person vary, in most cases resulting in relationship issues. This is probably why few couples resort to an open marriage.

Open marriage or relationship

An open marriage is one where the husband and wife are free to engage in extra marital affairs. The decision to take up an open marriage varies from person to person. Resorting to an open marriage may be because of many reasons like inability to express oneself, lack of satisfaction, unhappy marriage, lack of love or even greed for more. The very thought about an open marriage only indicates something missing in your current relationship. But open marriages are also a good way to avoid lying/infidelity, because there is mutual agreement on both sides.

Life is always looked at from a different perspective for men and women.

Open Marriage

How open marriages affect the relationship?

It is obvious that there may be a negative impact on the husband and wife, but it is harsh and bitter, more for the wife. Women who indulge in an open marriage are not ones who wish to completely stay away from their husband. They try to ensure that their affairs do not coincide with their marital life. But this is what happens in most cases –

  • When you are with your husband and you hear his phone ringing for a message from another lady, you will certainly get jealous, although there is mutual agreement on extra affairs between the two. This jealousy can affect you mentally, leading to disasters in the family.
  • Women are strong and bold, but one thing that we cannot stand is loss of trust. Often, open marriages demand rules to be framed, but mostly result in breaking of rules. Especially, when the husband breaks the rules, it is very difficult to accept it and rebuilding trust is no more possible. When trust is lost, everything is lost. This may also bring the marriage to an end.
  • In an open marriage, most of you ladies only seek for physical intimacy, but that emotional attachment remains only with your significant one. This is why, when you hear that your husband has been dating another woman for a long time, your heart tends to crack, causing hurt, because you know long term relationships also contain emotional attachments.

Open marriages, may therefore, seem sweet in the beginning, but as you see more and more of it, that is when you will have to face the music. The best solution for an unhappy marriage is having an open and clear conversation with your spouse. If you still decide on an open marriage, talk it out with him and consider all the disadvantages.