Is the Tradition of Marriage Losing its Importance?


110Marriage was the foundation upon which the social fabric was built, inspite of it being inertly responsible for several inter-personal problems. Although marriage unions far outnumber divorce cases, in the last few decades there is an alarming increase in divorce rates world over. The marriage union seems well on its way to become a failing institution that very few people believe in, especially from the younger generation.

Continual Creation Compulsory

Most marriages are purely postulated. If the continual process of upholding it and promoting it does not take place, it is bound to fall apart and be trampled underfoot. An earnest effort by the members of the family is essential in its sustenance. Problems arise when they wish for marriages to build itself up and look for automatic solutions to all problems.

Like how “Divorce” was unheard of in the 1950s, long-lasting marriages are becoming increasingly rare in the modern western society. Though the divorce trend is catching up in the eastern parts of the world, interestingly, it is on the decline in the US. But the reasons for it do not seem to be as good as it should be.

Era of Moustaches and Knee-High Boots

In the 1950s, people were expected to get married and get started on building their lives right after passing High School. The husband and wife were fitted into their universal roles – the husband as the breadwinner and the wife to take care of house chores.

The divorce rate in this era was down at 23 per cent. This does not mean that all marriages were happy at the time. A divorce in this period of time was considered a nonstandard conduct and an open acknowledgment of their fiasco.

Changing Times, Changing Outlooks

Today’s marriage requires the support of both working spouses in order to hold up. Since most parents want their children to go to college after High School, the marrying lot can only walk the aisle much later in their lives. The number of divorces has fallen but this can only be attributed to the fact that fewer people are getting married in the first place.

Earlier, marriage was the only institution in which sexual relationships were legitimate. With the introduction of birth control pills and abortion procedures, pre-marital sex has found a place in society. Although there is an outward show of not accepting children from extra-marital affairs, people still do accept them. Even now, marriage is the only legitimate institution for sex, but the taboo on premarital relationships has been lifted and is now acceptable to society.

Living together is the substitution society has found to replace the marital institution. Most Americans now believe that children are no longer important in a marriage and that marriage and child bearing are no longer inter-related.

Gay Marriages over Traditional Marriages

At the expense of traditional marriages, same-sex marriages are coming to the forefront. Modernists, celebrities, judges, journalists and even politicians now share the opinion that marriage has nothing to do with procreation. They say that the procreative aspect of traditional marriages was founded entirely on prejudice. They argue that the shift away from the male-female model of the epochs will put society on the path to ending sex apartheid.

Same-sex marriages have severed traditional wedlock and destroyed their procreation and permanence. According to pro-gay activists, gay marriage is all about love between two individuals without gender discrimination. Many believe that gay marriages will probably be more stable and send out a message of mutual caring and responsibility.

Firmly Rooted Family Requisite

The conservation system of marriage still has serious themes worth advocating. Deviations from the institution of marriage can only be successful if they sever the average American from their traditional family roots. The stable family structure that provides a sense of permanence for the growth and progress to an individual will soon be extinct. The weakened roots of the traditional family set-up will soon change the face of the society and a new structure of the social fabric will evolve.