Is your partner workaholic? Learn the ways to handle him

Workaholic Partner
Workaholic Partner
Workaholic Partner

imagesWhen you get a partner who is workaholic then you really could have a tough time ahead. And when you are into a family, having the responsibility of children then you can go crazy looking after all the fronts almost single handily.

You can follow the given the tips to make life a little easier:

  • Speak to him about the feelings that come to your mind. You can exactly share with him that you want him more often in life so that you can spend time with him. Let him know that even children want him if both of you are parents.
  • You can tell your husband that you need a little break form the daily routine and there has to be some time for yourself too. For this, he must look after the kids at least once in a week or you can set a frequency so that you know when you are going to get a breather.
  • Learn to be patient because his routine and desires would not change. In fact you have to look at things from his perspective too. There could be a reason that makes him so obsessed about his work. And as a partner or a spouse you must support that reason as far as possible.
  • You must display an understanding attitude towards his work because somewhere deep down he wants that from you. If you do so you will see your relationship remaining a healthy bond.
  • Set a few rules between the two of you. This include the time you will spend with each other, the celebrations  you are going to make together or even preparing the mooring cup of tea. There could be many such things which can hold you together even for a short while and take away monotony and dullness from your relationship.
  • You have to look for some other resort. You can take help of a caregiver, or a family member or a friend who can help you out a little here or a little there. If you’re a dating partner then you can look for some other sources to derive happiness for yourself. This becomes even more impotent to help you survive the relationship otherwise your dissatisfaction would kill the bond bit by bit.
  • Get engaged into a job even if it does not pay you well. This will at least keep you occupied and will give you a meaning when you get up in the morning. You will have an aim to live apart from looking after your relationship, house and children.

Relationships last only when one partner understands the feelings and needs of another. This need could look like irrational one but respecting the perspective of the other partner is probably the key to success. Even if your partner is workaholic, he has his own reason which could not be absolutely wrong.  Ethically you should be understanding towards him and he should be empathetic towards you.