Keeping the flame of love burning even after decades of your marriage

Happy Elderly Couple
Happy Elderly Couple

It’s amazing to know how some people ensure that the flame of their relationship keeps burning even after years and years of them being together. And this is nothing but an art more than a science of feeling the same warmth, the same need and the same fire for the person with whom one has been for so many years together.

The art of keeping the flame alive:

Today when most of the people move away from their marriage immediately after few years and in some cases even a few months, there could be some who would be driving their relationship with same speed and same enthusiasm could be a case study. Probably they follow the given tips to ensure this:

Being positive: Such people are with positive attitude because they rarely find any fault with their spouse. And this drives the relationship positively. They always look at the brighter side of things and not the grey areas.

Valuing the relationship: They value their r spouse’s presence in their life. They value the bond and the associated happenings. For them the spouse sits e most important possession and the relationship is the most important achievement.

Facing hurdles with love: Every relationship comes with a baggage of hurdles, these people who go a long way in their marital cord, know it all how to handle them with a smile on their face.  And after every such hurdle they cross, their relationship gets even stronger and durable than it was ever before.

Maintaining the same urge during private moments: They always ensure that they extend the same warmth to their spouse when they get into the bed. And this is never subdued due to age or with time.
Keeping their professional and personal lives separate: These people could reach heights in their relationship and set an example for others because they know the trick of separating their personal den professional lives away from each other.

Every day is a date for these couple: They enjoy every minute of togetherness. For them very meal they have together is an outing and what they eat is immaterial. They just want to be with each other. For them their spouse is the most beautiful person on this earth. Every time they buy a few sticks of flowers for each other they make it a point to choose the best ones. They keep making efforts to see a smile on their spouse’s face.  They see to it that every is they can complete of their spouse is met.

Being married for so long and keeping the fire alive for decades is certainly an art which many people in today’s world need to learn and imbibe in their own lives. After all, breaking a relationship is quite easy and making efforts to be together with a let of zeal and zest is quite a challenging task but at the same time it fills you with continents too.