Keeping your in-laws away from intervening in your marital life

Avoiding in laws
Avoiding in laws
Avoiding in laws

You went for a party with a happy and exciting mood, when you came back you saw your mother in law with a long face. She was joined into this event by your brother in law and even father in law. All these in laws who are your spouse’s most close relatives and rather family members could be sole reason for the misery prevailing in your life.

Understand their psychology

All this while they were the ones who were highly attached and intimate emotionally with your spouse, With your entrance in your spouse’s life, they feel that this man has been snatched away and their significance has gone down. For the mother in law, it could be even more difficult to accept you because she has loved this man more than anyone else. Now, he has someone parallel to his mother in life, which loves and cares for him quite equally and even more.

Learn the ways of handling them

  • Avoid any direct communication: If you have could not reach them psychologically, then it is always better to avoid any kind of direct communication. There is a bright possibility that it would turn out to be a “conflict”.
  • Avoid any kind of cross fire: Anything that could heat up the environment should be avoided, especially in front of your spouse.
  • Avoid touching the trigger: Evaluate the triggers that lead to conflict because it would not only disrupt the relationship but also your peace.
  • Avoid getting too personal and close: Maintain a superficial relationship with them; you don’t have to expect getting too close and personal. Remember that they don’t like you so they will never be able to accept you.
  • Avoid sharing or hiding everything from your spouse: Make sure that you don’t keep telling everything to your spouse. Place things in such a manner that they don’t look like complaint but at the same time you should be able let him know what happens behind his back.
  • Avoid letting them about your relationship status: There could be conflicts and differences between husband and wife and this should not be made public. Make sure that they never come to know about any kind of disturbances in your relationship.
  • Avoid expecting anything from them: You might keep on making efforts to revive your relationship, but this is an association that rarely improves from what and how it has been. So don’t expect something that may not happen at all.

When you don’t see the scope of improvement in your relationship, there is no point trying hard for it. The safer policy would be to maintain arm’s length and ensure that you don’t get entangled into anything that could take away your peace. Avoiding in laws and having a formal relationship is probably the key to do away from getting into a fight with them. To hope this kind of relationship to get better is nothing but a wishful thinking.