Khloe Kardashian is under pressure to prove as a Great Wife

The Happy Couple

Celebs have always been in news for their personal relationship; not only do they face outer pressures but also inner pressures to maintain them successfully. High profiles live their lives within public glare that make things quiet difficult for them to avoid unnecessary gossip.

The Happy Couple

 Recently in news Khloe Kardashian is struggling with the pressure to maintain her married life successfully and prove herself a perfect wife to her spouse a football player Lamar Odom. Carrying out her three year old marriage she states that she is feeling pressure all from herself to be a good wife and give her hundred percent to her marriage.

Strongly Bonded:

The couple has been married for good three years and has faced lots of ups and downs together. They faced together hard times when Lamar was shifted from Los Angeles Lakers team to Dallas Mavericks and then strangely shunt down from his new team even, coming out from such times helped their relationship to bloom strongly. Initially the couple met in the year 2009 and after dating for a month they realized their love for each other and got married.

Getting on With the Serious Affairs:

On recently telecasted television show, the 27 year old actress admitted that it is her real life and this is her real marriage which is quiet close to her and now she is all ready to get into family way and hence taking a major step to move ahead with her wedding. She is very eager to have baby like her sister who has been blessed with the kids an living a fulfilling life. She worriedly tells that having no child scares her and makes her questionable in the eyes of her family and friends.

For this she making hard efforts and have even started taking IVF fertility treatments from the best specialist to conceive their child in near future. According to her the coming child will make her relationship stronger and prove her as a good wife for her satisfaction as well as for her near and dear ones. She cheerfully agrees that her child would bring a new life for her that would be devoted to her spouse and family.

 We really hope that very soon she has a baby and leads a happy and fulfilling life. We wish her all the very best!


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