Manage your emotions for a healthy relationship

Handling relationships
Handling relationships
Handling relationships

A relationship has many dynamics and a healthy bond depend upon them. When it comes to marital bond, it is considered to be quite fragile. And it is so because a very small incident or an act from any of the partner’s end may cause hard to a great deal.

Being unreasonably emotional can cause harm to your bond

You had a tough time in your office or you have put on weight which you never wanted to, and there are many such things which can upset you. Unfortunately, you are not able to express them directly to either your partner or anyone else.

The discontent in you over an issue or many of them may fill you up with anger and leave you in stress. Consequently, all you do is to vent it out on your partner because he or she is the most immediate person who can bear all this. You are unreasonable in your approach and instead of making a direct communication with your partner you blast it out.

This way the relationship gets dirty because you are hurting your partner for no mistake of his or hers.

The effort you can make positively

Controlling your emotions which can adversely affect your relationship can help you establish a healthy bond. The effort you can make is that rather than venting out your anger and any kind of negative emotions in an indirect way, it is always advisable to communicate directly with your partner. This way you would neither be hurting him or her but, you would not be wasting your energy too.

Your straight communication will also reflect your confidence in your partner. He or she will understand that you confide in her or him and will be more than eager to solve your issues.

The effort your partner can make

If you land up facing an “angry partner” don’t react in the first instance. Give your loved one some time to overcome the stress. Then understand that many a times the anger is situational and not permanent. Find out the reason behind the anger, there could be something deep down bothering your loved one. And most importantly, he or she confides in you and depends on you emotionally which is why the “vent out” has taken place. So, the best is to handle the situation with a lot of care rather than reacting in the first instance.
Getting emotional is quite natural and this emotion will be pondered upon the person one loves and trusts the most. However, while venting out one should always keep the consequences in mind because it may cause damage to your bond. Your partner will tolerate and handle your anger till a point, beyond this there may be a stronger reaction from the other person too. If it happens then you may experience doldrums in your life. So, the wise thing is to act rationally because some reactions can be damaging the relationship.