Mom knows the best when it comes to break ups

Mom and daughter
Mom and daughter

“Mommy knows the best”, time and again she has proven her experience, her concern and her wisdom especially when it comes to break up.

Yes, there would be none who would disagree to the fact that Mom has a greater insight into a man rather a relationship, Even if it is a “friend” or a classmate with whom you may share a casual bond.

She knows what is good for you and what is going to cause you harm, because she is the one who cares for you the most on this earth.

She comes to know before anyone else does

She comes to know through the “protective gears” she wears in her heart and then she thinks carefully when comes to know of your association with somebody. It could be an affair or a marriage; she is the best judge who knows the “length” of it because she knows you the best on the universe.

She comforts you

When she comes to know about your break up, and she observes you in pain, she is the first one to extend comfort to you. She never belittles you, she never mocks at you rather she asks you to ignore and be happy about being “saved” from wrong hands. What else do you need in the time of crisis when you down trust the whole world?

She understands you

Your mental state is best understood by her because she knows you to the core. She integrates with the pain you undergo and she unites with your melancholy.

She boosts your confidence

She makes you feel confident about yourself when you suffer from the pain of “rejection”. She lets you know that you are the “best” and the other person never deserved some body as good as you.

She cautions you

She warns you to be away from the person and never get back to him in future for the very reason that he may dump you again.

She generates hope in you

She lets you know that the brighter future is waiting ahead of your journey. So, you need not regret over the loss. She tells you that “God” wants the best for you and this break up was actually a sign that you were associated with a wrong person.

And finally

And finally she takes you out of the trauma of a break up. She is the one in whom you can confide, you can be assured because she is the only one who is “non-judgemental”. She never thinks twice before extending her arms to you and when you hide yourself curled up in those arms, it is the signal to the world that you are “protected”.

Mothers are the best gift on the earth God has created. She is the only person around you who dedicates everything without expecting anything. And apart from other aspects, break up is also read and handled well by a “mother” who wants all smiles for her children, no matter what the age is.