Relationship with an angry woman


A relationship comes with its own pros and cons. An unhealthy relationship arising out of abuse and disrespect by the male counterpart is often heard and seen, on the contrary the opposite is rare; but the truth is it exists.

Horrible accounts of disrespect in marriage or live-in-relationship is a bitter truth, and it can be originated from either of the partner. Women are often considered to be subdued and subjugated, hence considered to bear the heat of the relationship issues patiently, but in a situation where men are subjected to abuse, how they handle their interpersonal relationship is a matter of interest here.

Relationship with an angry woman

Nature of weird spouse

The ladies, making it difficult for their spouses sustain the family bonding are of moody nature. They get off on anything their spouse utters to them. Sometimes they feel happy on one thing, another time they are mad over the same thing as if their bodies have been taken over by someone else. Such a behavior gives no room for the other spouse to handle or calm the situation, rather beating back, resulting in what is known as an unhealthy relationship.

The difference of nature of abuse

Statistics from relationship counseling sessions show that abuse is not based on gender. It can be done to anybody, only forms of abuse differ from person to person. More often, a man shatters the compatibility of a relation by frequent physical abuse, where as a woman can lay off the intimacy of the relationship through emotional and verbal abuse.  Both types are intolerable and tend to shatter the self-esteem of the person.

The possible solution

To eradicate the problem of abuse by a woman in a relationship, the possible reasons for such a behavior of the woman should be sorted out. The symptoms of moody behavior are similarto that of depression, unhappiness and irritation. An introspection of the relationship would be helpful, it is possible that she might feel rejection in your behavior, or maybe it is the problematic hormones inside her. To avoid the latter, a regular medical checkup is advised. Other reasons might be overburdened with responsibilities, discouraged and tired.

It is often preached that “treat the person in a way you want to be treated”.  Before getting on to the conclusion of someone else’s nature it is important to get top the root cause. Relationship counseling and parenting advice might help in sustaining a healthy relationship. May be she needs help more than you do.