The agents causing stress to a marriage in the early years: You can still handle them

Stress between a couple
Stress between a couple
Stress between a couple

They say that, the actual married life starts after a couple is back from the honey moon. And to a large extent it could be true too. When you are about to get married there is an excitement which prevails even when you are going for your honeymoon. Once you come back, you get into the mundane activities of life and therefrom the marital journey begins.

The beginning of reality

After honeymoon period, when you join back work and start living a life at home, you will realize that you have to keep a tap on every single thing like, grocery, clothes, the wires, the machines and every possible thing that is meant for running the house. At the same time, you are responsible for a series of activist in the office. So earlier when you were alone, you never had so many responsibilities, but, now when you have your spouse living with, the responsibly are galore. This is where the stress begins from.

The stressing agents

  • Multifarious responsibility: As an office goer you only had to take of yourself and your work. Now, there is an addition in your life, whose happiness deepens largely on you. You may find yourself entangled into too many things and may feel stressed out if you are not able to handle everything together.
  • Conflict: All this while you used your room for yourself, you hung the painting the way you wanted to, but, now; you have to take opinion from your partner because the house is not y only yours.
  • Commitment: There was a time when you never had anyone waiting for you at home, but, now you are having to return back home on time because of your spouse. This could be stressing.
  • The financial part: All you earned was yours, now you have your spouse who may be deeding on you’re financially. It may lead to a stress.

Handling the stress

You can observe your partner as an “interfering agent” or you may also observe him or her as a “big support” in your life who keeps eagerly waiting for you to return back home. You may also feel happy that you are not alone, but, you have shoulder now to rest upon. When it comes to finances, there is always a positive way to look at it, there is a person for whom you need to earn den spend together.

The first few years of marriage could be decisive ones, because this is the time when your marriage could be rocking. A lot depends on your attitude to handle the issues cropping up between you and your spouse. Be positive and observe the deterrents as your strength, in fact they are so. After all, you got married because you were alone and now you have a company in life that is there to share your good and bad phases. Be committed to your relationship and spread happiness.