Want to be a noble mother or have successful career? A dilemma for working women

Working mother
Working mother
Working mother

Gone are the days when the role of a woman was restricted within the four walls this statement is certainly not an undermining one. The significance was quite large even then when she had to manage the home front all by her own and stepped out of the house when there was a need.

In the present scenario, a woman, has a more challenging life: on one hand she has her career and on the other she is certainly a mother, and a wife who wants to fit into all the roles successfully.

A working mother

The life of a working mother begins with a clock on the wall or a watch on her wrist; she has to time out every possible thing on this earth which includes her bathing too.

When she gets up she has to prepare the child for the day so that she feels a little less guilty leaving the baby behind and she also has to get herself ready so that she can match up the requirements at the office.

The challenge is both in proving herself as a caregiver, mother and also as a professional woman who does not fail her deadlines merely because she has a child.

The bottlenecks

If she does not get required support from her family especially her husband she might do miserable in her roles and she could not succeed. However, with a little support and care she can perform brilliantly. She needs an understanding partner who could visualize her pressure in the office and could also read her heart as the pain she feels leaving her child behind in the hands of someone else.

She can meet the roles well

She can certainly meet both the roles well, if she is a little confident and plans out every possible thing quite minutely.

There are family and friends suggesting her to leave the job when they find her struggling, but, the truth is, it is not as easy as it seems to get back to the professional world and tie a string exactly where one had left, years back.

So, the suggestions which are given to her are almost void and far from reality. Instead of thinking of quitting and suggesting her to do so, she should be encouraged and shown ways to manage both the fronts. Escaping is never a solution and if she quits her job, she would actually be escaping from her life.

Working women are supposed to have more challenges when they become a mother. However, they can try and manage both the fronts till the time they can and for this they need a little planning and a bit of support from their partner. The role of partner becomes quite vital because he is the one who should and could give her the require comfort so that she does not get fatigued. Even though it is tiresome, if she manages to handle both her profession and motherhood together she would have a lot of stories to share when she grows older.