Whether to be in the marriage or to get divorced? A dilemma

To be or not to be in a marriage
To be or not to be in a marriage
To be or not to be in a marriage

For many it is a million dollar question, especially when you have a married life which is full of roller coaster rides.

It actually gets tough to choose between the two: whether to remain in the marriage or to come out of it.

The difficult decision

When you don’t have a rocking relationship with your spouse then you really want to come out of it.

One fine morning you may wake up thinking that today you are going to tell your spouse that you would not be staying with him or her anymore.

Probably, you pack up your bag too, but, when you are about to move out and tell your spouse about your decision, you fail to gather courage.

You drop the idea of leaving, and then you start flowing with the wind.

After a few days again, you are struck with the thought of starting your life all voter again after coming out of the existing marriage.

Therefore, the fluctuations make it very evident that you are actually finding it difficult to decide.

Staying back or coming out

The emotional doldrums in your heart and mind neither let you be in the marriage peacefully, nor allows you to leave it and start afresh. When you want to stay back, you may find someone telling you from within that “you deserve a better life”.

When you want to come out of it someone again from within tells you, “future is not going any brighter”.

Your emotions never let you to make the right kind of decision.

In fact, there is nothing too right or too wrong in a relationship like marriage.

Your considerations

If you think that you can work upon your relationship and can improve things for good, you certainly give it a try.

If you have no hope from your marriage then you can think of coming out of it. There is no one who can guide you on this. You have to analyse and make a decision on your own.

Comparison of present and future

When you are dragging a relationship, you are not happy, but, if you will leave and live a life away from your spouse, you may not be happier then.

Now, the company of your husband or wife is not siting you, then the loneliness could be too difficult to handle.

Today, you are emotionally down and low because your marriage has let you down, tomorrow when you come out of it, you may be equally in pain due to the regret of leaving your spouse.

Should you be in a dry marriage or should you come out of it, is actually an absolutely personal decision. One has to analyse critically for reaching a conclusion, because no decision in the given situation is perfect. One will have to take the risk and face the brunt of making a decision in this regard either this way or that way.