Why Does Marriage Fatigue Set in?

Fatigue in marriage
Fatigue in marriage
Fatigue in marriage

“Marriage fatigue” is a new phenomenon which every modern couple is facing nowadays. One wonders how a once fulfilling relationship eventually becomes a burden. The truth is that with the growing complexities in life resulting from the high stress professional environment we somehow lose the patience to deal with the intricacies a marriage entails.  We ignore the simple problems which later turn into bigger and complex ones.

Never forget to

Let us appreciate that the two people who fall in love are different individuals and in a relationship this brings freshness and thrill. When we fall in love and discover another individual we find every contrasting character refreshing and intriguing. We are so involved in discovering the other person that we fail to judge if we can live with these differences. When a marriage converges to marriage the same individuals who were once so tolerant towards each other eventually become rigid about their choices.

We begin this beautiful journey of marriage with dreams of living happily ever after, what we are not prepared for is the hard work to achieve that.

Let us understand that happily ever after is not un-attainable, however we need to accept at the person we are married to be a different individual and we need to figure out a way to live with these differences and yet be happy. With most of the couples we have seen that the egos become stronger than the love which results in rigidity of choices. This results in lesser tolerance towards the others. Another common behavior witnessed in most of the couples is the lack of efforts being taken to keep the other partner happy. We tend to take the presence of our partners for granted and assume that everything will fall in place on its own.  The truth however is that like everything to give results marriage needs hard work and too.

The important keys

The key lies in making efforts to bring freshness in a relationship. Some of the ways by which it can be achieved are:

1)      By developing common goals: It’s important that couples have common goals so that it keeps them motivated and connected. An example of this could be buying a house or getting in shape. Common goals bring some kind of uniformity in thoughts and make the bond between the couples stronger.

2)      New activities: Another healthy way of bringing freshness to married life is to ensure that a part of the day is devoted in doing any activity together. It could include playing a sport, cooking or even grocery shopping together.

3)      Vacations: Do not forget to discover a new place together. However, it is important to ensure that while making the choice of destination the preferences, likes and dislikes of both the partners are kept in mind.

Marriage fatigue could actually bring disasters to a relationship which otherwise could have worked out well. It is important that both the partners evaluate the reason for any such fatigue and look for a solution before it gets too late.