With well-educated and high income earning spouses does marital counselling work?

Counselling of an educated person
Counselling of an educated person
Counselling of an educated person

There has been a change in the society in last one decade in terms of education and income. People who were educated before have become more educated and those who were in the low middle income group have joined the middle income regroup.

Another major change is the status of women. There has been almost an evolution in this area where women have started sharing the same platform as men. They are equally educated and are also earning more than them, in many cases. Therefore, there is a change in the relationship equations too.

How has the society changed?

Earlier when there were men taking all the monetary responsibilities, the households one were taken care of by the women counterpart. There was almost a division; rather segregation of roles, good or bad is amateur of debate.

Now, men and women play an interchangeable role when men are expected to help with the daily household chores and women are contributing to the income of the family.

How does it affect the relationships?

There is confusion about the exactness of the roles. There are men who find it difficult to adjust with the changes and hence don’t want to cooperate with the household responsibilities. There are women who feel more than pressurized when they have to earn and also play the role of housewife at home. Men also, are supposed to help with the basic chores, and take major charge of financial matters. All this leads to a stress for both of them, dis balancing the family and the individuals too.

Will a counselor help?

When disturbed families and individuals seek help from a counselor, they will probably not be too open for the same. It is not so that they don’t want to listen to these counselors, but, the matter of fact is that these disturbed individuals are informed, aware and educated. And this makes them quite knowledgeable about the root cause of problems they have in their lives.

They would listen to the counselor but they are well informed about the problems and the associated solutions.
As because they are independent in terms of money and knowledge, it gets difficult for them to accept the view of another person, even if this person is a trained counselor.

They have a definite set of lifestyle which also makes it difficult for the counselor to reach and convince these clients.

Changing society has a changed form of issues as well. Earlier whenever in need an individual or a family would move to a counselor and get a solution for the problem. Then there was not much of education or economic independence which worked as a reason for the family to be together.

Now with changing trend, as people get more aware, educated and financially independent they make the job of a counsellor even tougher in convincing them and guiding them through a problem. Counsellors face a tough time ahead too.