10 most desired Honeymoon destinations


Honeymoon is the most cherished moments in one’s life. These are the lovable moments that are meant to be relished throughout the lives that spread a sweet smile as remembered throughout the life. This time is meant to be relaxed and tension free, so that one can know and understand the one’s partner more deeply and in a better way. To make it more enjoyable and happening it is important to explore the best options and then create beautiful memories with one’s soul mate.
Here we bring you the most happening and beautiful places of the world that best suits you to begin your new life with your spouse.

Mauritius: It is one of the best and beautiful places known in the arms of Indian Ocean. It is popular for its tropical climate and exotic it making it a paradise on the earth.

Maui: Maui situated in Hawaii, holds beautiful white sand beaches, lovely waterfalls, exciting volcanic peaks and forests makes it one the desired honeymoon destinations for couples looking for exciting of their lives. Known as Valley Island it is one of the adventurous places for honeymoon.

Bora Bora: Belonging to Tahiti in South Pacific, it is considered one of the romantic places. Its two high volcanic peaks make the place more memorable and exciting.
Bali: Situated in Indonesia, it is one best place in Asia to spend one’s honeymoon vacation. It is has loving natural scenic locations beautiful beaches along with many water activities. Also the locals are pretty friendly and loving in nature making your honeymoon an unforgettable experience.

French Riviera: It is a place in God’s hand with flourishing green mountains blue waters from Mediterranean Sea situated along the coastline with beaches and accommodated with beautiful resorts with all kinds of facilities. The place is best suited relax in the arms of nature.

New Caledonia: Hosting the world’s largest lagoon the place is consecrated with lovely beaches and dreamingly beautiful sites. Here you can also enjoy a rich variety of lip smacking French cuisines. It has all kinds of mixes that would be preferred by any newly married couple.

Bahamas: Combination of 30 Tropical pieces of Islands the place is a heaven for water activities. Fully equipped with all styles of lavish resorts, the Bahamas forms one of the most enjoyable places available.

Santorini: Located in Greece, the island is marked as the most romantic Island and also quiet luxurious and expensive. The Island offers all the lush scenic beauty in combination with lavish hotels.

Cabo San Lucas: Located in Mexico at the southernmost tip of Baja California, it is called a small resort place. The place is known for golfing and is also a place to Rich Mexico hotels and resorts.

The Maldives: It blessed with serene natural beauty and is a peaceful place where honeymoon can be most enjoyed with peace.

All the best honeymooning.