5 Dating etiquettes for a Widow


For a married individual to lose his/her spouse is the most painful part of their life. The period is full of sorrow and emotional breakdown. For such individuals going back to dating is very difficult as for newly wedded individuals it’s very hard to date a new guy or a girl. And for those who have been in a married relation for many years dating someone is something not to think off especially for a widow.

A feeling of guilt is for sure going to come up in the mind as well as the thought of being disloyal to your deceased husband. The thought of being embarrassed in front of the relatives of your deceased husband are seriously to bring a doubt of whether to date or no?

Apart from the above questions here are a few of them which arise in the mind of any widow like whether is it the right time to date? Is it correct to date after being a widow?  Such types of questions are surely going to arise in the mind of a widow whether she enjoyed a healthy / unhealthy relationship with her husband.

Here I will help you answer these questions.

Dating Tips

Here are the 5 dating tips on etiquettes to be kept in mind for a widow. They are as follows:

  • Speak about your deceased husband to your date but as much as he is interested to know. As you are on a date for fun and not for an emotional therapy session. Try talking on interesting topics rather than making it a relationship counseling session between you and your date.
  • Never worry about what people in your surrounding will say as even you need to smile and have some fun time after facing the pain of your husband’s death. If you feel you should date then you should.
  • Deciding whether it is the right time to date or no depends on the individuals itself. For some it may be about a few months for others it may be about a few years. So it all depends on the person who has suffered. Never listen to anyone else who gives you a suggestion on such a topic. Listen to yourself whether you are prepared or no? If yes the go on for future healthy relationships.
  • Going on a date for a widow is something which needs lot of strength in such cases we usually forget some manners to follow on a date. Like many widows start wearing boring clothes as well as gain weight. But make sure when you go on a date wear good clothes and have a fit body.

So keep these few tips in mind and these will surely answer all your doubts.

And in the end I would say, Best of Luck for your future if you are a widow and have taken the decision of going on date!!!