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The story of married couples living as love birds has not doomed as yet, marking an assurance and answering to all the speculations made about marital relationships which are heard of dying at an early age.

A recent survey reveals a rise in the number of “senior couples” above the age of 65 living together for decades. Many amongst these couples are more than 85 years of age and their relationship has experienced a sea change in the world together. They have withstood the changes, have fought the evils and surpassed all the odds to ensure that at least one of them hold the other when he or she breathes for the last time, even if they don’t get an opportunity to “go away together”.

What has made these marriages last this long?

Celebrating anniversaries year after year has been possible for them because they have probably shared a deep understanding, a transparent relationship and have stood together against any and all challenges of life.

The mutual trust was stronger than the love which exists between them, they made it a point to touch their beloved spouse with the same intensity even years later, with which they did in their early day’s marriage.

This magic started with the nascent days of the relationship when they had begun their journey with the pledge of making it a success at any cost even if it demanded their ego, their false esteem to be crushed and move ahead.

Yes, the “success story” of these “old love birds” had started not few years back but decades back when they trusted each other even more than believing God.

They were occupied with each other so very much that they never needed the world to be with them, all they wanted was “each other”.

There must have been times when they had no money but there was no lack of honey in their relationship, the crisis probably drew them closer and closer.

These “Senior Couples” were senior even years back as they knew that there is place of

“Anger, resentment, distrust, ego” and any such evil feeling in their bond.

They were engrossed with each other so very much that they did not find the time to “look at faults”.

And today, when one of them has to leave the world before the other, the only regret is that they could have given more to this relationship, what they gave was not enough for this life time.

Now, at this juncture, when they are ready to part, though unwillingly, they promise to come back to each other and clear off the “love debt” of this life at least and begin a new era later.

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