Advice from a Home Wrecker to a Home Maker.


People are always concerned about the wife, everything is about the wife and all is for the man who is deceiving.

None is really concerned about the mistress. Mistresses are hardly considered as human beings. They are always put on the darker side of a picture. A mistress is always to be blamed for dissolving a marital tie. A wife is said to be a homemaker and a mistress a home wrecker. Nobody ever thinks of the fate of a mistress. Her feelings and emotions are never taken into consideration.

There are a number of times a mistress is being cheated by a man. But sympathy of people never goes in favor of a mistress

Advice of a mistress to a wife:

• A mistress can give her hard handed advice to a wife. A mistress knows more of romance unlike a wife who knows more of the practical world.

• In order to make a man stick to his marital bond a wife has to be attractive like a mistress or even more than that. She has to be fairly pretty.

• A wife has to be genuinely caring. She has to give a lot of attention to the man who she wants to hold for the rest of her life.

• Normally men who are not satisfied with their matrimonial life goes out of it for an extramarital affair. The primary object of a woman who wants to keep her husband away from extramarital affair is to keep him satisfied with her.

• A wife has to take care of herself for the sake of her health and self-respect. For keeping her man interested in her.

• Instead of expecting a man to do everything for her a wife develop her own interests

• A wife should not be mentally absent before her husband when she is physically present before her. She should not be mentally absent before him and expect him to pay full attention to her.

• A wife should talk out issues with her husband. That is another way of keeping a man attached to her. Issues are to be discussed peacefully rather than arguing in anger.

• A wife should learn to appreciate her husband. Lack of appreciation can make him feel frustrated.

• A wife should also learn to date with her husband. That will iron out the creases of a boring married life.