Are Celebrity Couples happier than the common ones?

Grand Celebrity Marriage
Grand Celebrity Marriage

Every event in the life of a celebrity is observed in a lavish manner. Be it their marriage, birthdays, unions or even break ups. They celebrate when they meet their girlfriends or boyfriends and they even don’t forget to enjoy the freedom at the termination of relationship.

The celebrations

Every event of celebrities receives more than required attention from the media. Larger than pictures are published and giant news about the same is dominates all possible news magazines.

The Impact of such celebrations

Common couples, when read the news in any of the magazines they come across or even when they watch it on the T.V. Channel, they desperately want to be in the shoes of celebrities. They dream and pray to celebrate their own events in a similar fashion when they could catch every possible attention.

The reality behind these celebrations

Judges reading out verdicts on celebrity divorces and lawyers representing their cases always warn common people not to mourn the non-availability of “larger than life” celebrations. As because they have seen their lives very closely they know that most of these celebrations lead to “dirty break ups”. At one point of time where the celebrity couple embrace each other and click pictures after pictures, very soon the same couple is seen hiding from the media.

The managers of these celebrities are found to be too busy defending their masters and putting the blame game on the other partner of the celebrity. The winner is the one who can win the blame game.

The Statistics

Celebrity marriages are twice likely lead to divorce within a short span of ten years. A study suggests that 20% of the ordinary marriages end into divorce within a decade of the marriage. However, about 40% of the same leads to divorce within the same period of time.

The safest path

Experts always advise that common couples should never live with a heavy heart for not experiencing a “marvellous marriage” like a celebrity. The reality lies in the real happiness after marriage and not in the showbiz. If a grand celebration would have been the key to a happy marriage then, the celebrity couples would have been the happiest and never the common ones.