Are open relationships a better, happier and a healthier option?

Open relationship

15th October: Is it true that open relationships make people live happily and are they a better answer to ‘living happily ever after’?

Well, that’s the subject we would discuss in detail here.

Open relationships—misunderstood concept—Before proceeding ahead with whether or not open relationships are better and make us happier, we need to know what actually an open relationship is. The concept of open relationships is often understood.

Open relationships do seem to be something as wild relationships with no space for feelings. Moreover, men involved in open relationships just want to have their cake and eat it too. But that’s not true.

Definition of open relationships—An open relationship, both the parties aim to live together for a relationship that is non-monogamous. But, it does not give a license to cheat your partner.

An open relationship has been defined to be a committed relationship where either one or both of the partners are willing to the other partner being allowed to get involved in physical or emotional relationships with others. An open relationship can be named as an open marriage when a couple is married.

Open relationship—current trends– To begin with, open relationships are becoming more common in our society. And the fact that rate of divorce has gone up considerably now days, people are opening up to such open commitments named as ‘open relationship’.

The US has nearly half a million polyamorous families as per recent estimates and around 8 million couples were found to be involved in some sort of nonmonogamy.

Open relationshipWhat does all this suggest? That the concept of ‘marriage’ is slowly becoming ‘obsolete, as per the views of 40 percent millenials. And this points evidence to the issue that monogamy, no longer, works for all.

Is an open relationship better—Now coming to the point whether an open relationship can be a better option for you and your partner? And can it make people happier?

And although, society may not give its acceptance to such relationships, at least openly, yet, experts affirm the fact that such relationships, if based on free and true love, can lead to boosting exporation and creativity.

What makes open relationships a healthier option for people is that there is neither any guilt for having cheated upon your partner nor any fear of a possible ‘break up’.

That, however, does not mean an open recommendation for all and sundry to go for open relationship. The only thing is that if you find your married life confusing or frustrating, then adding some spice to your life is possible through an open relationship.