Are people still finding their spouses on the College campus itself?

Couple on College campus
Couple on College campus
Couple on College campus

Yes they are, many would be though surprised to hear this, but the reality is that the trend has not changed even now.

The result of a survey indicates that more than 25% of the married graduates had been to the same college as their partners.

Has the trend changed?

No, it has not changed to large extent, though it seems to be changing. Actually there was a time when people used to get married early, may be immediately after passing out the college. But, now, before actually getting married for the first time, they have a huge list of plans and dreams to meet. While they study they make projections about their career, set financial goals and make plans of settling their professional lives. And all this is not possible without investing time and delaying the marriage.

Earlier, the priority was marriage, after finishing college, and many cases are heard of when both the spouses looked for a job together, they settled their career together and grew professionally along with each other.

Now, the aim is to attach the feet firmly on the ground and then get married.

Was it better before or now?

Both the concepts have their own benefits. Earlier, when people struggled together, sometimes the bond between got them strengthened, but at the same time when one of the spouses grew taller than the other, ego issues were surfaced. And if the struggle period would be longer then the couples failed to enjoy a beautiful married life.

At the same time, there were cases wherein the bond between the two got stronger due to the challenges they aced together. They were more supportive than they could be otherwise.

However, even the new concept has its own advantages. When people marry their college sweet heart after settling their career and finance they are able to enjoy their married life even better. There is no fear that they would lose each other due to struggle or in the ant of money. But then there is big possibility that they would tend to get more materialistic and hence the togetherness could be lacking from the relationship.

Earlier, couples may have to wait for longer to plan family or to own a home, and now, they can do so immediately after getting married, if they wish to.

Getting married immediately after finishing college could be quite an excitement filled experience, though it has its own baggage. The beautiful part is that you grow with your partner, face the challenges of life together and develop a strong bond. The fear is that your partner may not have the same perseverance as you have.

Getting married after achieving and settling down could involve wait for years and in the mean time you may lose your partner. In fact, you can also check upon your partner too. Waiting to get married for years could bring out a lot of things before you, which you never realized when you’re dated the same person in college.