Are you aware of different stages in a “love relationship?”

Stages of a relationship
Stages of a relationship
Stages of a relationship

Many of us must have experienced different stages in our love life and probably we are not aware of the technical names to them. Someone who is into a love bond is certain to go through various stages. Some sail through and their love life becomes an example to many, some may break up somewhere half way and may land up in a mess.

The three different stages are:

Romantic stage: This is the time when you are on cloud nine. Everything around us looks beautiful and the person we are in love with seems to the perfect one. We associate every dream of ours and wish with this person. This is the time when we can’t see anything beyond our partner and even ignore all the mistakes committed by him or her. We are so deeply in love with the person that we keep missing him or her and want to get a glimpse even if it has not been too long. There is only emotions and that too the positive ones around. This is a stage when everything is flawless.

Realistic Stage: This is the time when love gets prevailed by reality. You start picking upon the faults and hence fights get initiated. The two individuals are now very close to reality and hence the “dream” goes out of the window. The feet which used to be in cloud nine are now on the ground and sometimes he relationship itself starts finding its feet. This is the time when one becomes critical about the persons and the relationship and an ego sets in. There are many more things that are given priority other than love. The affection and love is dominated by negative emotions, anger, stress and even distrust. Many a times, the relationships fall apart during this stage, because no one is ready to compromise.

Mature stage: This is the stage when a relationship gets mature and two individuals start thinking from a wider horizon. People understand each other better, they learn to ignore and accept at the same. Ignorance is about the things which could spoil the bond and acceptance is about the circumstances which are around. So, there is a unique combination of love, respect, understanding and emotions. This is the stage when the two people in a relationship start feeling secure and happy about the fact that they have been together for quite some time now. In fact, they take pride in it and can set examples for ten more couples to maintain a relationship like them.

Someone who is aware of all the stages of a love life would be able to handle issues in a better way then someone without knowledge about it. Because he, who knows it all, would also know that after a “high” it is going to be a low and if this low is handled with wisdom the bond will live longer giving the couple a lot of peace and filling them with pride.