Are you prepared to handle a cross cultural marriage?

Cross Cultural Marriage
Cross Cultural Marriage

When two people marry from two different cultural backgrounds which are absolutely remote from each other, this kind of a marriage is regarded as “Cross Cultural Marriage”.

Marriage itself is a bundle of adjustments and if it involves two different cultures then the “list of adjustments” becomes endless.

However, you can think of handling your relationship in the following manner:

Language should not be an issue

Ensure at least one common language between two of you so that the needs and feelings can be mutually exchanged without any barrier. You can also try and learn your partner’s language from any of the language centres around.

Respect your spouse’s culture

Make sure that no action of yours should make your partner feel that his culture and traditions are not respected by you. Sometimes you might find a few things illogical and a waste, but never display it to him or to others. This would include the food style, the clothing and other mundane things associated with an individual.

Never prove your superiority

In a cross culture marriage it is very important that never try and pose your culture to be superior to your spouse’s one. Even if you have this belief, keep it to yourself as it might hurt your partner.

Discuss the future

It is very important that you decide before marriage about raising your kids and other basic things. Children should not get confused about what and how they are going to get brought up. So the language they learn first, the kind of school they all be moving to and other basic issues related to their growing days should be discussed much in advance.

Keep communicating

Ensure that the communication channels are open from your side and his side too, it is very important to sort out any kind of coiling going on in the mind and heart.


Make it a point to celebrate the festivals of both the cultures, this would be a sign of marking respect not only to your spouse’s culture but you would be imparting respect to him too.

A cross culture marriage would demand a little more adjustments than any other marriage. But then, you would have had to adjust in any case for making your relationship successful. Here you might have to make a little more effort but the happiness is galore, after your children would be getting an exposure to two different cultures at he same time which is  big learning for them. For you, the true love of your partner should be of greater importance than anything else on this earth.

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