Are you too practical and egoistic to handle the affection in a relationship?

Ego and practicality damage love
Ego and practicality damage love
Ego and practicality damage love

There are stories of marriages starting with a strong note of love, but, heading towards a path which is full of criticism and hatred. If so then you need to evaluate the behavior of not only your partner but yours first.

Yes, before you jump to a conclusion and make a statement like, “I cannot live with this kind of a spouse anymore”, it is always advisable to understand and accept that you have also been at fault. In fact, the mistake or blunder could come from both of you.

In many of the cases it is learnt that “ego” is the biggest killer of love as it not only shadows the love but also makes you an insane person who does not want to look beyond self.

It is the same person whom you married confidently

When you start disliking or even hating your spouse, thinking that he or she is full of fault, then stop for a while and take a relook, because it is the same person with whom you were highly convinced of getting married. Either your evaluation of this person was wrong then or it is incorrect now and there cannot be a sea change in a person. So, look for the reason and work upon them.

Don’t wait to catch upon a mistake

A time comes when you enter home and start looking for the placement of cushions on sofa, or the plates not arranged properly or even the comb not kept systematically on the dressing table. Your partner had been waiting the whole day for you to come back and have a cup of coffee together, and it is you who ends up looking for mistakes. Think about the pain of your partner out of disappointment. Instead, if you would have had a sip of coffee together and started rearranging things along with your spouse, it would have probably been a better approach.

Being more practical than required

She cannot touch you because you have just worn a new suit and it would get wrinkled, she cannot sit comfortable in the car because the other day only you got it cleaned, are nothing but examples of being more practical than required. However, all it would do is to ruin the affection of your partner and create a miserable feeling. Don’t forget that she wants to touch you because she liked you in the suit you wore for the first time; she wants to sit in the car with a relaxing posture because she is happy to be with you.

Being too egoistic and practical can only bring damage and disasters to the relationship because you come too close to the reality which is nothing but becoming overtly critical. Love and affection has no rule for being perfect and hence you must refrain yourself from expecting perfection to be in place. You can either make or break things by changing or attitude for good or bad, the choice is yours.