Are you worried about the Ego clash with your spouse?

Ego Clash between a couple
Ego Clash between a couple

“Ego” is nothing but the perception of a person about himself. It exists and should exist in every individual but when it takes control of the mind and dominates everything else in life then it leads to disasters.

When the disaster occurs between two different individuals who are closely associated with each other than this is regarded as “Ego clash”.

Ego Clash between couples has its own causes, but whatever they may be, the effects are quite devastating.

The Effect of “Ego Clash”

  • The couple loses control and makes more mistakes which add on to the severity of the situation.
  • The peace of the house is disrupted and you don’t want to return back home after you’ve finished your work.
  • Children if any are adversely affected; their mental growth which hugely deepens upon peaceful environment gets disrupted.
  • You lose faith in any relationship.
  • You don’t have an open mind and a rational heart.
  • You can’t see anything positive about your partner.
  • The relationship may fall apart; it may either lead to separation of divorce in worst cases.

The solution

  • If you think it can work out then stay separately from each other for some time. Introspect and think if you have also gone wrong in handling things, after all you’re a human being who is likely to make a mistake.
  • Try and remember good things about your spouse and the contributions she or he has made in your life all these years.
  • Both of you should give yourself the required time and space to understand and feel the pain of your absence from each other’s life.
  • Think rationally and openly without being judgemental about anything, this will make you realize the errors you have made as a partner.
  • If possible communicate when both of you have calmed down a little and discuss the course of action for future. That means both of you have to positive and enthusiastic about working things together.
  • If you’re not able to handle it on your own, you can always take professional help.

Ego is the expression of self-centricity, it should not creep into a relationship but unfortunately it does when either one or both the partners stop thinking rationally and respecting the view point of the other partner. Help yourself before it gets too late.